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MusicStart brings music into Head Start preschool classrooms in the Inglewood, Lennox, and Hawthorne areas. Our teachers bring weekly instruments, songs, and movement activities to the children, building their musicianship and giving additional support to overall classroom goals such language development, social-emotional learning, and self-regulation.  The classes also serve as models for the classroom teachers both for music activities and classroom management techniques.  MusicStart’s teacher training workshops guide and encourage teachers in ways to introduce music into their daily curriculum.

MusicStart also partners with Harmony Project to provide classes for the younger siblings of its orchestra program students.

vista singers

Vista Singers is a vocal class brought to teens living at Vista del Mar Child and Family Services. Once a week Music Tree sends a master voice teacher to give a class at Vista’s Special Care Facility, a unit for teens with emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges. Many of these youth are under the care of the county’s foster care and/or mental health systems and Vista is a short-term placement on their way to somewhere else.  A weekly voice class gives the teens access to an uplifting activity that fun and absorbing, with just the right amount of challenge.  Vista staff reports that the mood in the unit is noticeably better on singing class days, as even the teens who chose not to participate are influenced by the positive demeanors of those who did.

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music for all

Music For All provides scholarships, tuition assistance, and instrument donations to income-eligible students participating in local music programs. With music left out of many school programs and the cost of private instruction sometimes too high for families to afford, children are too often left with no access to learning to sing or play an instrument. Music For All steps in to bridge the gap between what a family can afford and the price of lessons. In a few cases it might be most of the tuition but usually it’s just enough to make it doable. Sometimes it’s the instrument the student needs, so Music For All provides the violin or keyboard or guitar that will enable the student to practice at home and get the most out of their lessons. The aim of the program is to make sure students from all communities can have a high quality of instruction: a trained and experienced teacher, a proper instrument, the necessary books and materials, and regular performance opportunities.